10 March, 2007

"Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care"

Yes, there IS a new Relient K album out! You should probably check it out, it's phenomenal, as always. =]

So it's a Saturday morning, and I'm sitting at school. Wierd? I suppose to some . . . but I'm waiting here to carpool over to a Highschool Journalism contest that me and some of my fellow editors are helping to judge! It's going to be a blast.

Let's see, I have to catch you up on all things new in my life . . . I went to Rachel's house like, well, right after my last post. It was a good time. We stayed up, well, not very late. But we had a lot of good talks, went out and bought film, had a photoshoot, and just did a "girl-time" weekend. I love her so much. =]

After that it's just been back to school, work, AWANA, and I've been babysitting quite often as of late. I had the Buddies and Nathan and Kyle this weekend, and had Nate and Kyle last weekend as well, fun times friend!

Hmmm, lot's of new developments in my life, I'll fill you in later. Maybe. Let's just leave it as prayer would always be amazing, ahah.

Sven got a blog, which is exciting! Blogs are always fun.

Okay, so this was a lame post, but it's competition time! (Almost, ;]) So I'ma go play some RK with my buddy Katelynn, and get pumped to judge, judge, judge!

Peace & love,

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