26 August, 2008

"When Blessings in Life Overwhelm You . . . Smile and Ask For More!(?)"

Hello internet community.
I was just thinking: if I were to write my auto-biography now, at age 18, what would it say? I think I've found the answer.

I would start with my being born, (obviously.) My childhood (and all that entails) and slowly work my way up 'til now. Then I would delve into retrospect; looking back on all the things that as a child I didn't know what were since I was just living in them, and analyzing each one for the abundant blessing that they were. Has God given me too many blessings? No! I don't believe in such things, so if you're reading this, God, keep 'em coming? (I don't mind, really.)

So this I found from agessss ago.
I suppose I meant the title of this blog to be the title of my autobiography.
I must have written this during the paper last year.
Either way, I've sort of been inspired.
I was going to do a blog re-introduction like Charlie's vlog re-introduction (cuz I'm much to much a n00b on YT to do a vlog one, but I'm not a n00b here!) but I digress, I've now been inspired to instead start writing my auto-biography.
(Though I only have 18 (almost 19) short years of life to write about, at least I can start gathering thoughts.)

What fun this shall be.

Oh! And soon, I shall share with you a short story I wrote last fall for my final project.
I hope you find it amusing.
It's a work in progress.
And the progress has since only partially resumed.

xxx mal


Justin said...

I cannot wait to read the short story :D

I would not be able to write an auto-biography about my short 20(almost 21) years of life, it has been boring.

Michael Midnight said...

The depth and quality of your blog is astounding. I can't wait to read more and I, too, am looking forward to more of your autobiography.

Anonymous said...

i might do one of those re-introductions too. i've been considering it for a while.