24 August, 2008

Dear Spill Canvas:

"One more time, again" are identically the same phrase.
Stop writing stupidly, you make me mental.

Daisy is acting as a foot-warmer for me at the moment. She's lying at the end of my bed and since I have my window open for the crisp smell and feel of the rain (not to mention the sound) she's really being polite to let me rest my stinky feet on her.

Today was my last day at Apple Core training, I can't wait to finish my training over the next 3 or so days (when I'm in) and get going after that. I already love it.
I work for Apple.

I lost all the interesting things I had to say, by now.

I'm sorry if I say "I love you" too much.
I'm me, and I have a LOT of love.
A lot of love for lots of different people in different capacities and degrees of the word.
Sometimes I worry that people think I don't mean it when I say it anymore.
That is so far from the truth you couldn't even see it with a super-sonic telescope.

Also, I wish the iPhone was available on Verizon.
I need to be able to call/text my fam unlimited but I SUPER want an iPhone.
Dilemma/broken heart.

Radio tomorrow.
Gonna sleep.

xxx mal


Drew C. Rich said...

Uhmm, no one can say "i love you" too much. It's the most beautiful phrase on the planet.

Have a great day at work tomorrow, sis.

Justin said...

You do not say "I love you" too much. No one says it enough.

The iPhone is appealing to me but my phone company doesn't have "exclusive" rights to the iPhone and my dad would never let me switch to a rival phone company(he works for the phone company I'm with). Its terrible