26 February, 2009

09.26.02_(two poems in one day)

"les miserable"
les miserable,
oh, frightful day.
and in the fog,
hope disarray.
it gently moved,
then slipped away –
that cold 'n dreary,
frightful day.


"this empty way"
this empty way,
this open heart;
the way it ends,
the way it starts.
a lullaby of eerie style,
sinks down
and down
and on
for miles.


Alex"Westside Productionz" said...

:] <333

Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort said...

I really like "This empty way", it's beautiful=]

And thank you for your comment!

maribeth said...

I love the second one. :)

McLovin said...


Mallory said...

Thank you all, :)