19 April, 2011

it almost feels like summer

I let the screen door open today to air out the apartment. It almost felt like summer was waiting just on the doorstep, waiting to be asked in. Oh how I wanted to call to it and say "Come in, Summer! Come in and take me away to your deep, glowing sunsets and warm, whispering breezes!"

It wasn't just any summer feeling... it was the same feeling of summer I got when I knew my sister and I would be packing our bags, loading up my blueberry blue Jetta and taking off for a weekend all on our own. When we drove just to drive.

That was such a feeling. I remember feeling so free, so in control and so in charge of what I was doing. I had a plan and everything was going to be okay.

We listened to Owl City nearly the whole drive down to Oregon that summer. Somehow Owl City always seems to get into my heart and make me forget about the reality around me - like everything will be okay.

I've been needing that lately. A long drive to just drive. Laughing, crying, listening to Owl City. I know it may sound foolish, but when I think about how things are right now, just the thought of driving and never looking back consoles me.

Thanks for listening. And if Summer comes knocking at your door, let it in.


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Hales said...

You are so cute!! I love reading your blogs.