01 January, 2007

2007 here I come!

I just don't know why, but it seems like it's been 2007 for awhile already? I mean, I'm having no trouble writing 2007 on like, everything. Even last year it was, "...05, erm, I mean 06!" for at least the first week. I don't see this being a challenge this year. Odd.

New year's eve was great. Sat with my sisters and watched Disney Channel. (As is tradition. =])
OK, so I'm sure a lot of you have made new years resolutions. Well, I haven't really. I just plan to finally get my room clean, get rid of a bunch more junk, write 3 songs (with music) this year, get some of my photographs sold online, get a laptop, blog once every week (minimum,) and start piano/voice lessons once again. There's a few more things I'm sure, but they're not really resolutions, just things I'd like to accomplish this year, and most I will. Yay me!

Well, I'm out of news for today. I'm feeling rather sad. Don't you just hate that when you've been chickening out calling someone? I do. But, it's a new year, all things new I say! Thank goodness for a fresh start. Whew!

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Rachel said...

crimeny child, you blog far more often than I do...and you actually have things to say! That, my friend, is talent.