27 December, 2006

Life, or something like it - version 2.0

It just seemed fitting to me, that this title be used again. Isn't it funny how many things in life we take for granted? Take that song, by Counting Crows, "They Paved Paradise." ("Don't it always seem to go/you don't know what ya got 'til it's gone/they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.") We really don't really think about all the things that we'd miss if they were suddenly gone very often, do we?

Wouldn't it be nice if life were like the movies and we didn't have to worry about what was going to happen? Because we, being the actors/actresses, would have read the script. (In order to act, once must read the script of the film one is acting in. At least I hear it helps. ;]) So having read the script, (our life's story,) to be able to portray our lives, (the film,) sufficiently... things would seemingly work out eh?

Ha, not so much. Because that my friend, would take all the fun out of living the life in the first place, no? We'd want to, or at least try to, edit a lot of the things we did/would do wouldn't we? Which could be good, but could be bad. I mean, would we be who we are today if ___ hadn't happened? That is a question we often answer with a resounding "no," and I think most all of us would opt for not changing things. (At least I wouldn't, not so far.) But who knows, there's (hopefully) a bit of life yet ahead of me, maybe that will change. Though I sincerely hope not.

The plus side to this whole acting analogy? Well, we do get a lot of freedom in who are co-stars are. I mean, we get to pick our friends, and who we spend time with. Our director, (a.k.a. God,) let's us have artistic freedom as well! This is improvisation! Jolly good, no? He will let us at any given time try things our way if we want to. Not always good for us, but I think it usually ends up as art in the end? Well, He helps us turn our (sometimes messy) improv sessions into art. (Thank goodness for good directors!)

Hmmm, funny how many analogies could be put onto this thing we call life. There are never ending plot-twists always coming at us, sometimes unsavory characters, and even bad musical accompaniment in the case of the soundtrack occasionally. (Not to mention sometimes we just mess up an entire scene! But of course, it's too late to re-shoot.) Even through all this drama, (please, pardon the pun,) there is still an rather high stack of plot-twists that better our lives, good characters that help us along if by sharing some wisdom or just being a supporting role for us, quality musical scores, and a plethora of "it's a wrap!" scenes on the very first take.

If I've learned nothing else in my entire life thus far, it is that to get through life you need a good attitude, and a sense of humor. That saying about laughing at yourself really is true, and there is almost nothing more hilarious if you ask me. Oh, and one more thing I suppose I've learned, life is fun, but drama isn't always. So, let's save that for the soaps shall we? It's more fun that way anyway, isn't it? =]


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! I'm the only one reading your blog and youre the only reading mine! we'll have to spread the word. Anyway, i love you too! see you later

Rachel said...

ok...so i kind of already commented... but that was before i actually read the post... I love your analogy. seriously. it's really, really neat! You're a smart cookie. :) when's your next day off of school? you need to come over then. :)