12 January, 2007

Always look before you, sit?

So today I was in the cafeteria getting quotes from random people with my office buddy, right? (Not the most fun, but hey, it keeps me on my toes and is also a part of the job. Ha!) So I sit down, across from this lady at a table to do the talking stuff, and get her answer yadda, yadda.

After we had sufficient quotes for the article my pal Katelynn was writing, we get up and leave to come back to the office. So I sat down, no big, I always sit! (With my leg under me of course!) And I went to get up and low and behold, my leg got stuck to my butt! Ha! Great fun, I thought I was just stuck in the fabric, but then it happened again! So I decide, "How about you look and see what's up!" Ha! Brill idea, right? So I do, and there is this gum. White, spearmint, gum stuck on my nice fuzzy, black sweat pants and consequently, my butt.

HA! I laughed SO hard, it's a hoot, really. But now, I want ice so I can ice it off, I don't want it to stay there forever! Please, answer if you can, what kind of person puts chewed and still warm gum on a cafeteria chair? A terrible one, a very mean and terrible one.

So that is my warning, always look before you sit. (I'm not saying that the whole looking and leaping thing is out the door, still look before you leap too. Yes, good plan.)

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Rachel said...

that's hilarious!! If it had been me I would have been angry. I've had some bad experiences with people being irresponsible with their gum.
"duh-uh...I don't have anywhere to put my large wad of fresh bubble gum...duh-uh...how about I smoosh it in Rachel's hair?" I swear that girl hated me. Anyway, I hope it came off your sweats ok. I don't think I've ever actually seen you wear sweats before... interesting. I'm not sure if I can wait another month for you to come over... I suppose I'll have too. I love you Mallory!!!