08 January, 2007

Bloggin it up in the 'real' world?

Oh my, what a huge fad/"it" thing to do blogging has become. Wow, just think, it all pretty much started with Xanga didn't it? But now, it is so "not cool" to have a Xanga, and MySpace is considered a blogging site? I consider blogging to be a writing exercise, one where I practice putting thought into my writing, sharing something as minuscule as my daily life with friends to anything as "big" as a "profound" thought I couldn't get out of my head the day before. And yes, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. DO come in to play here, I believe.

Now, I'm not saying I've got all these points covered completely, or that I'm anything of a great writer. That's not the point of this blog at all. I've just been thinking about blogs, and blogging standards, in general the pasts little bit here. It's funny, I think, how standards vary/"slip" with time.

Blogging used to be about sharing feelings, thoughts, and lives with other people didn't it? Kind of like a journal? Well, I don't know, I haven't really looked into the "history of blogging" or anything, that's just what I thought. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just being easily annoyed, ha. But, I've been getting irritated with all the "jr. high" blogs I've seen around, for lack of a better context.

Let's take MySpace for an example. Ask yourself this, do your friends read your blogs? (Or even bullitens for that matter?) Why, or why not? Is it because they don't SAY anything? Or because you don't write them in the first place? (Obviously the second one has nothing to do with your writing quality or anything else mentioned in this blog at all. Ha!)

Is the real world, and our real lives suitable for or online blogs? I dunno, I find it sometimes a bit easier to write to my blog because there's the thought that someone, (usually one of my friends,) will read it. That can be comforting. But of course, there's always the things that I keep to myself, in my journal, on paper.

But seriously, and to end this on a somewhat tangible point, I try to put some thought, some reason, into the things I write for you all to read, as well as the things only I read. Maybe other people don't like to? I like to read the thoughts of my friends, sometimes it's fun, what do you think?

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