09 February, 2007

The five minute blog

I have given myself a measly five minutes to blog this time around, (edits when I have more time later this evening may come, but don't hate me if they don't ;])

I'm currently at school, in my office, at work, "hard at work." Ha! Not really my point, just the fact that I'm here is all I'm trying to share. Yeah, I live here.

I'm currently writing an article on the Oscars, which is a really riveting/meaningful subject for me, but it's doing my creative muse no good because I constantly feel like falling over with exhaustion. Ha! It's not a good feeling, let me tell you.

I must say the fact that this blog is fully open to anyone who would like to see it kind of grieves me and also hinders me from completely opening up as much as I would like to, (yes, I have always been a little bit sdfsfds when it comes to the World Wide Web.) But that's not really the point at the moment, the point right now is that I have 45 seconds left, so until later, PEACE!

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