23 March, 2007

"hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend!"

"no way no way I think you need a new one
hey hey you you I could be your girlfriend

hey hey you you I know that you like me
no way no way you know it's not a secret

hey hey you you I want to be your girlfriend"

Oh mann, I have that song stuck in my head! ("Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne) I used to like her quite a bit actually, but now there's all this swearing in her songs, so sad! I so wish there wasn't, =[

About the last post!
Thank you Rachel and S'ven for commenting! YES! That's exactally what I mean to happen Rach, you guys would comment and continue/fill in all the spaces between I forgot to add/didn't have time to since the post date. Everything you and Steven said is exactally true, which is why it's such a dumb topic in the first place. I just needed a place to rant, and unfortunately for me not all my thoughts got out in an organized (much less diss-organized) manner. So thank you both! Oh, it's so good to have friends. =]

Moving on . . .
Tonight I was supposed to go see "Reign Over Me" (the new Adam Sandler movie, ha! NOT a comedy =P) but the theatres were PACKED, everywhere! Wild and crazy spring break night? I think so!

That's really all I've been thinking about/doing lately, just happy school/finals are over (I think I actually did alright!) and trying to keep up with work without being in the office (complicated)!

Hmm, in other news, there is really no news . . . so I suppose it's time for: "now for something completely different!"

For the first time in this blog's entire (short) lifespan, I will post my entire MySpace profile info, just so you know what's up too! How exciting, right? So go check it out in my profile here. (Yay!)

Me and my sister have taken an extreme liking to Izzes (yes, I have had one many years ago, but had forgotten about them, how sad!) So with that pointlessness, I will leave you to ponder what the answer to life, the universe, and everything might be. (Though since I'm sure you really careeee, and for all you lazies out there, it's 42.)

Peace & LOVE,

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