03 April, 2007

It's that time again . . .

Hello! It's been a very long time, hasn't it? Let me start by just doing a brief overview of Spring 2007's schedule, yayy!

9a-12p Photography (<3)>Tuesday:
9am-12p MOPS
1-2:15p Astronomy
5:45-7:55p Nutrition (funn!)
do layout or articles depending on the week

1-2:15p Astronomy
drop off sibs at 12p for A&P
do layout or articles depending on the week

1-2:15p Astronomy
5:45-7:55p Nutrition
do layout or articles depending on the week

Friday: no school . . . but layout day/article due day every other week.
plus the but-load of homework every stinkin class has . . . (GAG) Also! The dark-room is open from 9a-12p . . . with the teacher guy there, so I'ma prolly go! lol. Funn.

So that's that! I'm a busy girl, with lots of stuff left off. (Like always running my sibling around/being available 'cause my mum needs the help. Yeahhh, fun! Kinna.)

Not really anything much else in my life right now, should I tell you a bit about each class? That might be fun, let's try it!

Photography is amazing. I already love it, and my camera! I've so been longing to go back to traditional (and have never gotten the oppourtunity to work in a darkroom before, so exciting!) and I finally am! Our instructor is super, and amusing, I'm loving it already. (But waiting for it to come around again will be forever) there is quite a bit of work though they say, that's okay, I'm determined of course. =] Homework scale: 9/10

Astronomy is really a fun subject! But the instructor is a little droll. He re-uses jokes and says "so everybody on board with that?" every other sentence. Oh well, I'm looking forward to getting smart. Ha! Homework scale: 9/10

Nutrition SO HAPPY! The instructor is a vegetarian too! So cool, I'm really excited to learn all about food and how to make it work better for my body, yayy! Homework scale: 5/10

So I have kind have a lot of work to do, plus the paper still of course as well (and since I'm looking at applying for Cheif next year Sara, my editor, is letting me shadow her a bit more this quarter = more work. haha.) And I'm also auditioning for the quarter theatre production! Yayyy! It's like a radio show, with tons of callers and a different dialect for each character. (Fun!)

Mmmk, that's all for now?
Shout out to Rachel and S'ven, <3's to you!
Miss you both!

Peace and LOVE,

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