09 April, 2007

Bang, bang, bang.

when you shoot at the smoke, you tend to hit the mirror.
sometimes there's a ricochet.
someone's dead?

think before you speak.
speak before you shoot.

Okay, so pretty much I guess that was a random thing I wrote last night and kind of liked so decided to let it stick around. Yayy.

Anyway, Harrison Ford.
Point is, life is still going on over here, how's living in your world? I hope when these words find you, and after weaving their way through the tangled cyberspace that is the World Wide Web, that you are well and feeling swell.

I've got a bit of a cold, but other than that, nothing much to complain about. (And why should I complain about a cold either, yanno?)

The mood I'm in: Radio talk show host.
The reason: Auditions for the production at school.

Should I tell you more about that?
I made callbacks! That's right, I, the great me, did. It was so cool! I haven't had an audition or callback for anything in so long, gahhh, so riveting! I love it! Now, there's no gurantee that I'll get a part at this point (there were a few too many people at the call back, so some will need to be cut out, and it might be me, who knows!) all I know is right now, I'm living in Blissville, population: 1, just enjoying the little excitement that is callbacks. Tomorrow the cast list will be posted. (Squeee!)

So, until then, "let's waste time chasing cars around our house"?

peace and LOVE,


Steven van dig-diggy Doorn said...

Bang, Bang that was pretty cool for a scribble. :)

Even if I don't comment, I'm still reading this from time to time, so keep writing!

Why don't you send me an email? I need to go to bed now, but I'd love to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

hey. can i use that bang bang thing if i give you credit? i really like it.

Grammar Girl said...

oh you were a shoo in for getting in the show. i cant believe you were nervous. haha.