11 May, 2007

Watch your back

This is just a general precautionary note to all of you ladies that like to wear g-strings or thongs, actually, any type of underwear. Watch your back. What do I mean by that? When you sit down, please, please make sure your underwear isn't exposed. (This is particularly crucial if it's one of the first two kinds of undies, 'cause they look really extra yucky when flashed to the world.) I hate it when I'm sitting in places (in this particular instance, class) and I notice the girl in front of me is doing just that, flashing her thong to the world. Ew. At that point I just want to tap her on the shoulder and tell her, but how do you do that? "Excuse me, but I can see your thong." Ha! I think it's an awkward situation . . . but enough about that I think. Point is: don't let it happen to you.

A recent discovery of mine:
When you drink Darigold's Fat Free Chocolate milk right after (or as) you're chewing Sugar Free Spearmint gum, it tastes like water. (Don't ask me how, or why, I have no clue. I also don't know if it would work with other brands, but those two are the tried-and-true orignals, so they're probably your best bet.)

There isn't really anything else, I just thought I would share some recent discoveries.

Tonight is also opening night for "Talk Radio", it's amazing, you should come see some of the coolest people I know (and me) put on one of the most amazing plays you will ever see.

Peace + LOVE,

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Rachel said...

so now you're double posting huh? LAME!! Why don't you like boycott myspace for 2 weeks and only post on this blog! THAT'D teach em! maybe peeps would actually come here to read... :)