06 June, 2007

Life, is insanity.

Welcome to this, the newest installment of my life. (Well, the part I'm willing enough to tell you, the WWW audience that is.)

Our story begins "meanwhile, back at the ranch":
My life is just a silly silly right now, filled with finishing so many chapters in my life and looking eagerly forward to the penning of some very exciting new ones, I can't wait.

So as one saga ends, another one begins behind it.
The Pioneer, (the college paper for those of you not farmiliar,) has just closed production week on its final issue: Issue 16. It's a goodie. Chock full of articles that we toiled away at. Blood, tears, loss of sleep - the usual. ;] I don't know what else to say about the issue itself, it's really just another issue, albeit our final one as the "family" that we are. We don't officially have to be out of the office until the 15th, so we're all kind of chilling in there now, sharing stories, looking back on memories and sharing advice while laughing at all the silly times and mistakes we've all made.

The only two of us that are going to be here next year are Stefanie and I, and on the paper? We're not too sure. No one knows what the future holds you know. ;] All I do know is that I'm looking forward to next year very much. I've applied for Editor-In-Chief, Photo Editor, and A&E (just for the heck of it) so who knows where I'll end up! I'm just way excited to see what happens. There will be TONS of new oppourtunities for growth, learning, and expanding my comfort zone, it's going to be radical.

Should I tell you how summer is going to be? Alright. Bike trip, sleep, website stuff, photography, writing, nothing. It is going to be so great. I was going to do the whole "summer job" thing but decided against it - I'll be babysitting a lot and would really just love to toil away my last "carefree" summer before the following year comes and university along with it. (No, I'm not sure as of yet where I want to go, ;])

Some things are changing in my family life right now, things that are very welcome as far as the category of change is concerned. I'd rather not disscuss my personal family goings-on here, in the middle of cyberspace. But if you know some, or would like to know more or whatever please feel free to drop me a line! (Phone, MySpace, Blogger, email, AIM, MSN, texting, etc.) I'd love to talk to you about anything and everything. =]

I suppose that's all this is here for: updating you all (and myself) on the small new changes and steps me and my life will be taking as the seasons turn the corners into summer. It's going to be a crazy ride, but it's going to be so great.

Remember: God is good, life is good, and always smile because you can.

Peace + LOVE,

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