15 June, 2007

Novelty: photographs from the photographer

Just some of my most recent work - it's all on my DeviantArt (shameless tag.) Never-the-less, that is all. I'm going to work on making this not just a word blog, but to put my two greatest loves together. PHOTOBLOG? Working on a layout soon.

Peace + LOVE,

[Titles of photos from top left to bottom: "Dead", "Alive", "Jeweltone Ringtone", "Kimmi 1", "Kimmi 13", "Don't Take My Truck" and "Caution". All works are copyright me (Mallory S.) and cannot be used or re-distributed in any way, shape, or form without written permission from me.]


Melissa said...

Wow, those are really good. I have a really nice 35mm camera now that I use to try to take pictures like that but they rarely turn out looking the same way I intend them to. I've decided that I need a digital camera that I can do experimenting on and delete the pictures that don't turn out right.

Kimmi looks so different since the last time I saw her. When did she get braces? Did I tell you that I got braces in January?

Melissa said...

I really hate critiquing people in this way, but you forgot the "h" in "photographer" in the title.