12 July, 2007

92 degrees outside and pouring down rain

Proverbs 3:5-6
5 "Trust in the Lord with all your strength and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."

Do you know what it is to truly rely on God with all you are? Yeah, I don't either . . . 100% that is. At the moment I'm learning rather quickly though, desperately clinging to Him because He's the only thing that is constant in my life right now. You know that? He is SO constant, understanding, warm, a great hug giver and truly the best friend of best friends. Without Him I am nothing, I have nothing, no one, and no hope for tomorrow. Even in the summertime downpour of complications and trials, He will never leave my side. I find that so amazing, I am so not even worth His time! He has a contrary opinion, however, and for that I am ever so glad.

Lately I have been writing songs right and left. It's been a GOOD week. Okay, so over the past five years (when I actually started writing songs hardcore) I've written 17 songs. Now, not all of them have music (in fact only one does) and I'm not 100% happy with all of every single one . . . but still, 17 songs! Who knows, maybe songwriting is where I'm supposed to be. I have always loved to sing. (Speaking of which, if you're on my MySpace friend's list I just put up a *gasp* video of me singing "Heart's Song" it's not half bad, in my humble opinion. ;] (Vocals wise . . . the video is poo, ha!) It's in my blog, go check it out?)

That's just my problem, though, I love to sing, write, act, and photograph. Journalism isn't so bad either . . . it's just complicated and I need God to bonk me on the head or shove me in the direction I need to be, because I still don't have a clue, Ha!

Alright, there's nothing really more for me to say since my life is rather at a lull right now and I'm just waiting. I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning out of junk from my room, that's good. Uhm, right! I have some "topics" all written down on a napkin (yes, it was the closest thing at the time, okay? x]) That I will soon be bringing out and unleashing on all of you, that should be fun.

Now for just a bit more fun for all of you, my latest Photoshop endeavor/photoshoot of me!:

That's right, I have many different faces. Oh dear goodness me . . . what you get when you leave Mallory alone with her camera for too long. (Yes, I know it happens quite often, that's not the point, really!) I think I really like the one where I'm pulling my ear and my tongue is sticking out? How about you let me know which one you like best? (You can see the big version at my MySpace!)

Peace + LOVE,


Melissa said...

I don't think I could choose a favorite, I like 'em all!

I didn't know that you have written songs, that is so cool! Maybe you could send me some?

Rachel said...

wow. it's funny how lost we can be until we find someone who is like us. just last night i was thinking about God's plan for my life and was complaining to Him a little because I don't have a singular passion. "Why is it that all of my friends around me have this one medium of art that they are able to express themselves with...Danielle has Drama, molly has dance, Mallory has photography...man! I love photography but mallory uses it as a window into her heart and feelings and shows us how she views the world. I take pictures but it's nothing like that. all of those people are so lucky, Lord, because they have something they are passionate about. I have nothing." i really said that, just last night. then i read today that you don't have a clue and wish God would bonk you on the head or something. After that little complaint, i started thinking (it always happens in that order). Maybe we don't have to choose just one. Maybe God gave me the beginning talents in all sorts of things so that I have options. I finally realized, for me, that maybe there isn't one grand passion or talent for me that comes so easily because I am going to have to work really really hard to develop whichever one i choose. God has given me the ability to do so many things. I always imagined that something should come easy for me and that's what i would build my career upon. im thinking that that isn't the way it's going to be. i can make anything into my passion. im glad i get to choose. anyway... another thing... my UserID name is "dancing in the downpour." i picked it because it could mean different things. it could mean literally dancing in the downpour of wet rain or the way i like to see it, dancing in the downpour of God's love and/or spirit that is falling down upon me. But what you said, "Even in the summertime downpour of complications and trials, He will never leave my side." this made me suddenly see it in another way. Right now there is an absolutely massive downpour of complications and trials beating down upon you... but you, because of God's support and love, are still able to dance with joy in this downpour. :) I love you more than you can imagine.
Love, Rachel.