18 September, 2007

Today, tomorrow's yesterday

Isn't that an odd thought? Everyday was a "tomorrow" is a "today" and will be a "yesterday." Makes life seem short, but I think it's crazy. Ha!

Well, with school starting tomorrow the first issue of the paper will be out. I'll admit it, I'll be frank, I'm a little more than just a "tad" nervous about how it looks. I mean, I know we have a killer center and solid content (for the most part) but a couple things just were rushed due to the fact that they blew themselves up at the last minute and had to be mended at around 11pm when everything was supposed to be done already anyway. (That was a long sentence, yikes!) Point is: I hope it looks solid and good for the first day of school.

Did I tell you about my classes? They're pretty standard: I'm starting German (SO excited!) taking a journalism class (oh the irony!) and also taking a history class, it's going to be veryveryvery awesome.

The best news ever (recently) is that I ordered my MacBook! Finally, right? Oh man, no more toiling away without coolness on PCs for me any longer. I've got a Mac! Ha! I'm so excited, I even got it with Aperture on it already - tons of photographic playing lies ahead in my future!

Today I drove Miss Jetty Blueberry to school, for the first time! It was so exciting, she's such a wonderful car. I'm very lucky to have such an uncle as Uncle Bill. =]

Another thing, if you haven't already seen the new film "Becoming Jane" (Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy) you need to. It's amazing. I am so inspired by Jane Austen and they did such a good job portraying her life. It was wonderful. Okay, so what that McAvoy is a very good looking man? It would have been fine without him. Sort of. Not really, that was a lie.

Peace + LOVE

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Melissa said...

You're taking German?! I understand that that's a very difficult language to learn. What made you want to learn it? Hey, I just remembered, my fiddle teacher use to be a German language teacher and she is married to a German. Miss you!