21 May, 2008

Have you hugged a hermit today?

Hello, world.

Here is just a really quick update to letcha all know how I am/what is up.

I am:
-Almost done with school (24 days?! Nah, but who's counting?)
-Working on a ton of projects

To do - SOON:
-New blog (I owe you: Eisley photo blog)
-New vlog

New in my life:
-YouTube awesomeness:
(www.youtube.com/themysterychannel; yeah, I'm addicted.)
-Journalism award (I got 3rd place, I'll show ya soon)

That is kind of a reader's digest version. I'll post a proper blog and a new vlog in the next day or so, promise.

In other news: gas is ridiculously high and I may start boycotting it by just staying home and being even more of a hermit than I (supposedly) am now. I'm not convinced it's a bad thing, though. Like my sister always says, "Hermits are the backbone of society."


1 comment:

Melissa said...

I wish I could boycott gas. I would ride my bike everywhere, but when it's ten miles to anywhere important, that makes it rather difficult...