24 March, 2008

Common Courtesy

Oh my, it's early in the morning. (2:36 a.m. when I'm starting this.) I can't sleep and thought it was about time to blog since I can't very well vlog at this early hour when my family is all asleep.

What am I doing up so early, you might wonder? Well, it's quite a funny story that involves falling asleep, dreams of salmon and water and waking up again. I fell asleep at around 9 p.m. (very odd but not the worst of it) while asleep I had a dream that my sister Kimmi and I were out puttering around life in the woods and what-not and basically we were doing something but I can't recall what. The important bit is that there were salmon and a very clear and rushing stream off on the side and I was drinking bucket loads of water. It was very strange but I was like, "I'm thirsty." *drink* "Nope, still thirsty." *drink again* "Ahhh, always thirsty!" And nothing I did to attempt to alleviate this thirst was working and then I finally woke up sprawled all over the bed and dying of real thirst. How odd. I've decided it was my subconscious waking me up for the drink I needed! Obviously. And now I'm awake and starving even though I ate so much at supper that there is no way I should be hungry at all. Grrrr. So the story goes that if I don't stay up just a bitttt longer than I would have been waking up at some really horrid hour such as 6 a.m. and not being tired and I simply couldn't have that so I decided making myself re-tired was the best course of action.

Moving on. I was thinking the other day and this has been bothering me very, very much.
I've decided for certain that one of the absolute worst things a person could say to another person is, "I don't think you can do it."

Realistically, if the other person couldn't do something realistically like some people physically can't do certain things then I suppose you could say something. But still, is it really your place?

Let's take for instance a person who has no legs and so wears the prosthetic kind, telling them they can't run a marathon would be offensive and mean. There are tons who DO run marathons with legs like that. It's just another type of leg, the determination is the same! So, that's just it. Why interrupt someone's enthusiasm and determination with your annoying "reality" at all? I mean, sure, if it's completely unrealistic I suppose you could suggest your opinion as an alternative option. But in all reality people can do a whole heck of a lot when they set their minds to do so. So why be a dream crusher and tell someone they "can't"?

"Oh, you want to be a musical star, what? No way in the world will that ever happen."
"But I write stuff, I've got stuff all set to go, I just need to get out there."
"But only 1 in 340843 people make it 'out there'."
How lame is a conversation like that? Quite. It drives me batty. Now, I just took music as an example conversation, but seriously. Let people plan and most of all let them dream. We aren't all alike. (Thank goodness!) Some people have to the stars and back goals and others don't dream that big but we all still have dreams, plans and goals. Helping each other would be a nice touch, I think.

That's all I have to say.
No, wait. I remembered something else. I will triple major if I feel like it.
I've always set my mind that I can do anything I put my mind to do since I was young and my mummy told me that's the way it was and I don't plan to change it any time soon, thank you. And thank you mummy for never laughing at my crazy life plans and notions. I love you, you are the best.

Frieden and viel liebe,

p.s. Yes, I know triple majoring is unrealistic. (Ha, ha, ha. Irony!) I just threw it out as a brain idea because I simply can't decide what I want to major in. It was mostly sarcasm but a lot of people just don't understand my sarcasm so yeah . . . anyway, I was annoyed and now you all know it. Yay, you! < /end rant>

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