29 May, 2008

Trees, FTW

Trees are definitely for the win.

I have a lot to do before I leave for the weekend. I'll be back on Sunday and hopefully not be as stressed out as I feel building up as I get ready to go into tomorrow. I keep telling myself: "Only 10 more days of school, only 4 more days of the paper. You can make it." And then my other self answers, "I think we can, I think we can, I think we can!" It is so close. Whew.
In closing (because I have oodles of German homework to finish) I will leave you with the good news that we finally got a house. Yes! It is all ours. So, no more rental and no more not having my books out or summer clothes out! Just in time for (what I hope will be) the hot summer months that are just around the corner. ;]

Well, that was longer than expected.
Love you all.

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