20 June, 2008

Coffee beans

Hey all,
How's life?
I hope it's well.

I just felt it was time to blog again.

First and foremost, we're finally moving into a real house starting tonight and finishing tomorrow. Thank you all for all the prayers and help as we must have looked at/put offers on at least 12 houses literally. All I can say is, thank you God that that part of the struggle is over. Now, on to new ones!

Tonight we will be going over to stay the first official night there and tomorrow we move in the rest of our junk as well as bring the kitties over to live. :]

(So if I'm not online for a few days, now you know why!)

If any of you want "stuff" I will most certainly be getting rid of like, everything, as soon as possible when we're settled. So, I'm your go-to-stuff girl, if you so desire any form of random "stuff." I'm just so tired of having clutter and so much junk around! All I really want are my books, photo stuff and I suppose clothes would be appropriate. But, yeah. Just have too much junk and I hate it.

You know, it's kind of funny, because up until a while ago no one read this blog. Then like, two people I knew in real life did, but now I have a funny feeling that a few of my world wide web friends are reading it occasionally as well.

Okay, so that isn't the funny part. The part that makes me kind of chuckle is that even though people read it (and I'm sure read it even when I thought no one did) it is hard to write here while thinking, "Oh, someone – anyone – could read this blog." Does anyone else discover this strange phenomenon? It just doesn't cross my mind and so I write/say whatever.

Even when I make videos on YouTube (which I am painfully new to the community, by the way) after I met a few people, it seems odd to think that anyone but those few people that I talk to are watching my videos. But I don't know the few hundred people that watch my video and don't comment or the few other people I don't talk to who do comment. It's kind of odd to think about and makes me a little crazy when I try. Ha!

The basic point I want to make is this: this is the world wide web, right? So anything I post here in any shape or form is viewable to the masses. And what I do post is only a tiny snippit of everything. I mean, I don't always post super in-depth life struggles here, or on YouTube, who would want to know? But at the same time, it's kind of a nice feeling knowing someone out there does.

Back to life: I've been applying for jobs at all the local Starbucks' so hopefully that will work out. I'm going to take my applications in on Monday. Yay! (Rather odd, seeing as how I don't love coffee, but rather tea. They have the most amazing tea drinks, though and my mum is stoked about free coffee. Ha!) Any other places I should apply, do you guys think? I just love the idea of Starbucks (they have great pay, benefits and are very environmental! [w00tw00t!]) I'm just rather fixed on Starbucks, now. Once I get my mind set on liking something it's rather hard to change it to something else. I suppose I'm very focused. *laugh*

I've been planning like crazy for my trip next weekend and just got a load of maps. So that made me excited.

I now have to go and ruthlessly pursue the university I will be attending this fall. They seem to have the nasty habit of never being in at office hours and never calling back if you leave a message. Oh, and they leave out tons of bits of instructions that you need to follow and get in order in order to be able to attend. Poo on them.


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