25 June, 2008

Blue Coke Cola

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Random info of the day: Adjectives are your friends.
Bonus of the day: "boring" is spelled with no "e" (thank you all you middle schoolers on MySpace. =_=+)

Hello lovelies.

I am leaving Friday morning.
I am chilling in a really cool place with some really cool people on Friday night.
I am excited and also slightly nervous about Friday as a whole.

Other than that I've not really been up to a whole lot. I kind of felt it was time to blog about something that (coincidentally) a couple people have either asked and/or talked to me about in the past day and a half, but now I'm re-thinking that. (I really need to get better at blogging when the mood hits. =P)

I'm really tired at the moment. I rode Mack this afternoon and, aside from being a total brat for the first half of riding, he really gave me a workout! Ha! Probably a good thing, I've been getting a tad lazy on my running. :P

My room still needs new carpet, hopefully that'll be coming end of this week/next week as my room is a mess and I'd really love to be able to clean and move in fully.

I really am taking in my Starbucks applications tomorrow.

I had a full day in our wonderful and new garden today.

I have to do a real quick plug for Umbrellaseed Photography while I'm here as well. They are amazing people (love you all, Britt, DanD and Omar!) who take stellar, to-the-moon photographs. Here's a sample:

(More at my MySpace, and theirs!)


I always forget to add tags to my posts so this is me coming back and adding them in once the blog has been posted.

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Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

See, now you have to blog about what you didn't blog about. Teasing is not cool xP