29 June, 2008

All good things must nevercometoanend, plzzz?

These are my boys.
(Yes, I'm already possessive, thank you.)

Cade, Matt, Ryan, Adam, Cierra, Kimmi and I are the group of the ages. I'm packing as I type this (well, sort of doing more typing than packing at this exact moment but that's just details) and I am already missing them times 6 billion.

I've got pictures, videos and memories but that's just not the same. (I'm so very glad that Matt, Adam and Ryan live close. Cierra and Cade on the other hand . . . < / 4) Okay, I am now done talking about me leaving and am actually going to get ready to do it. (I have to, check-out time is nearing.) When I get home I will blog extensively about both Friday and the gathering and then will take to editing the video footage I shot (along with Kimmi) and also the pictures that I took. I'm sad, but it was SUPER fun while it lasted. :D


Oh, and for anyone who ever wanted to know how tall Adam is:
(He's quite short, really.)
I adore you too, Adam.

top photo = totally Adam's idea. <3

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Rache said...

Hey Mal! aw, this is so totally sweet. And man, I must have told you already, but I'm so super jealous! I wish I could have been there!!! <3
But yeah, I'm sure you'll totally all get to meet up again some day ^_^