27 June, 2008


So, I think you may never guess where Kimmi and I are . . .

Basically, today was so amazing that I don't have words. It was so much fun! We got into OR at about 2 p.m., got settled a little and then headed over to Matt's to go to the park and chill with Cade and Matt. (Adam, Ryan and Cierra came round not too long later on either.)

So many random things happened, got filmed, and it was just a good day all round. Watch for videos ('cept from me. No video tonight, sorry! I didn't realize how tiring hanging with awesome people all day would be! But Kimmi and I will both have new ones soon enough.)

Okay, now time for bed. Gotta have my beauty rest (and loads of energy) to beat Cade at Go Karts tomorrow. (Adam and I are SO taking him down.) I am so super tired. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. (And show you more photos and tell you all the stories. n_n)

Rumor is there are gonna be some other super awesome people there tomorrow, as well. I'm excited.

xxx mal

We're safe, don't worry!
Look at this b-e-a-utiful sunset!

thanks to Kimmi for taking both of these lovely photos. ;]

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Rache said...

Again Cuteness + Fun-times = Lucky you!

thats a really pretty sunset btw, twilight is my fav time of day... only rivaled by sunrise... but i dont get to see that as often (thankfully)