11 July, 2008

swings and glidey things

i'm having a very strange fit of a "no capitalization" mood. i don't get it, but right now as i type this, all letters look very much nicer lower-case to my poor, deranged eyes. i need to get over this. so in an attempt to do so, this whole entry is going to be typed in this manner. i'm sorry in advanced. thank you for being so agreeable.

yesterday my dearest friend in the whole of the world (lexi) came over. we went to wal*mart (she helped me organize!), made sugar cookies (extra sugar and extra sugary frosting), and shot all the footage i could ever need (i hope) for clint's game video. (which is importing now and hopefully i'll have a chance to edit when i get home this afternoon.)

that brings me (on a very nice little segway, i might pride myself,) to my next topic at hand: today jennifer, lexi, lexi's mum and i are all going out to get our toenails done and have a girl morning for lexi's eighteenth birthday! (which isn't today but rather the seventeenth. i think everyone is busy that day, though.) it is going to be very fun indeed. :]

in honor of the occasion i made it jumper day! yay! (i do not wear them enough, sadly.)
i've noticed something, throughout life, i rarely do anything with my hair. this is something i am going to be trying to work on tomorrow (as i didn't do anything different than i always do today already. ha!)

i've successfully learned the intro to "new born" by muse on piano, now. that was exciting. but i still haven't mastered it.

life is trolling along. i'm trying to get stoked for uni in the fall but every day it seems a little more annoying that fall is right around the corner. i think my main trouble comes in that i have so many little things plaguing me now that having to start back up with college life in just a short five/six weeks seems unbearable. oh well, i think some of the little things will straighten themselves out when school starts.

the title comes in that there is a park being built right up the street from my house (yay!) but i saw the plans the other day and it's meant to be a baseball park with like, trees and an open area with loads of grass but no swings or glidey things?! that is not yay. i really want there to be swings. and also glidey things.

i need an external hard-drive badly. my computer just yelled and told me "my start-up disk is almost full." yikes and oops.



Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

It is sad that barely anyone comments on your blog. It's my very favo"u"rite thing you do, including videos :] you need to get more people reading (commenting) it!

Wow...I can't believe you're starting college that soon already. Crazy. It'll be amazing though!

And seriously...dye your hair black.

Mallory said...

Hahaha, other people just don't find me as interesting in print, I suppose! But thank YOU! :D

I know. I can't wait. But at the same time . . . I can.

HA! We'll see. I've thought about it SO many times. I think it would be fun . . .

Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

It would be REALLY fun! And really, as I said before, the worst thing that happens is you don't like it and you go back to your old colo"u"r. It's way safer than getting a tattoo and stuff. Plus, it's always good to spice stuff up every once in a while :D

I really can't think of any downside to dying it. If you can think of one let me know...but I sure as heck can't. So yeah, do it!