12 July, 2008

Hollywood Nails

So, yesterday when we went to do the whole pedicure thing, Lexi, Lexi's mum and I ended up at a hole-in-the wall place called Hollywood Nails. Now, as Jennifer later pointed out when we found her at the REAL place were supposed to go (the place she goes to all the time), "I would never go to a place called 'Hollywood Nails'! The name alone, ew!" Haha. True that.

When I walked in Mrs. C says, "Oh, by the way Mallory, you're getting your eyebrows waxed." I said, "I am?!" naturally a little surprised. (They didn't look like they'd had theirs done, I was suspicious.) But I sat down anyway and the lady pushed my head back against the chair, told me to sit still, and wax on wax off! Wow, it was intense. I apparently have rather sensitive skin because I looked rather red right away.

It feels like you have no eyebrows after they do it, it's pretty awful. I was only red for about an hour and 23 minutes, so that's not tootoo bad. I was also pleased to learn that they both had also had theirs done as well.

So, after all that fun (and lunch at Panera Bread – nomm!) I came home and started to do more cleaning/organizing. I've still got loads of junk but not nearly as much stuff as I did before. I swear, I could open my own Goodwill.

I found loads of fun things as I was going through stuff, though! Things like my sibling's and I's favourite play-glasses ever from childhood. Look how cool they are! Oh my goodness, good memories happened when we would play in those glasses. They took me on a little trip to yesteryear when I found them. My brother and I wore them most. We always did silly faces when we did so.

Among other things in the boxes I was shuffling through, I found all my journals. I'm so glad I did. I've been keeping one since I was eight. That's a rather long while. They are funny to look back and read. While I wasn't always the most literate child, I was constantly writing. It's funny to see what things and event I found were important enough to put down so future me wouldn't forget. Even still, it'll be fun looking back on life when I was 11, talking about jumping off decks and riding our old horse Zinc, when I'm 72.


The day that international texting becomes just the same as every other sort of texting will be my favourite day in the world.


Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

wowzers. intense eyebrow waxing ftw? haha :)

oh dang, panera bread is the best! i didn't like chai tea until i drank it there.

And yeah, those glasses are super hilarious! :P

I <3333 it when you find stuff from when you were a kid. About a month ago I found this little stuffed kitten with a santa hat on that I used to go to sleep with when I was 4 or 5, and it almost made me cry xD xD

Mallory said...

Oh man, it was so dramatic. XD

Yes, yes it is. They have nummy bread. haha.

Awwhh! That's so sweet! <3

Court-knee said...

I miss you people so much...