23 August, 2008

A Day In Parts and Many Random Thoughts

So, I'm at the hotel where we're having training.
It's 7.52 a.m.
I'm early.
An hour and 8 minutes early.
Better than being late, though!

You know, I don't really love city driving.
I think as far as I came was as far as I'd ever like to drive into the city.
(And I didn't drive very far in, :P)
But I love being here!
(In the city, that is.)
The sun was just up enough to be a bright, orange ball of blindingness on my right part of the way then when I got closer to the city I realized it hadn't made it up high enough to be a reflector on the city-scape yet.
So lovely.
I pray that I never get to a point where I underestimate or under-appreciate the Seattle skyline.
I am spoiled.

I was reading up on my blogs the other day. (Literally yesterday.)
Adam's, to be more specific, and in his most recent (as of then) blog entry mentioned my dear sister and I.
It was kind of amusing because apparently he thinks we write amusingly, or something which is ironic because...
(Sorry, caps can be fun. I need moderation.)
that dear boy makes me smile.
His instinctive use of the English language and precise use of grammar makes my heart soar.
Both he and Kimmi (and all people who are younger than I) who write like that make me proud.
Not many people write like them, these days.
Adam is going to be such an amazing writer.
(Because I know, of course, that's what he's going to do with the rest of his life. NO. I don't. But I can guess and have my fun, can't I? KTHX.)

I'm writing now in the style that most of my blog entries have been written in in the past, but I think now that more people read my blog now versus then anddddd I'm pretty sure people are going to assume I'm ripping off Kimmi's style.
I'm not.
I promise.
In fact, would you like to hear an amusing story?
When Kimmi first got her blog I read her first and second entries and whilst I did so, all the while, I was thinking, "Wait, did I write this?!"
Go figure, yet another thing that we're freakishly the same in.
Speaking of which, if you don't read her blog: GO NOW.
My sister can write.
(By the way, Kimmi: we've successfully written songs together and we successfully write music, fiction and stuff separately, why haven't we taken to fiction literature yet?)

So, I've noticed that some of all y'all are new to the blogging community.
Having come fresh out of the vlogging world and coming to blogging as a part-time lover and full-time friend.
As I was pondering this, and soulfully taking a peek into the depths of my own heart and past, I discovered (and was reminded of) the fact that I am a total blogger at my very innermost core.
But I'm a blogger.
I think that must be why I'm more a vlogger than just a "video YouTuber."
Like, if I had to categorize myself on YouTube I'd obviously be a vlogger.

I've been blogging since 2005(ish).
That's a long time.
(Does this actually make me a veteran of something? Kind of? Maybe? Hmm.)
It all goes back to the beginning of my life and my love for the written word.
I've always loved the challenge of words and their expressive thrill.
Okay, I'll admit it, words turn me on.
I blame the fact that my mother was reading to me before I was even done cooking.
Not very many mum's are cool enough to read to their unborn children.
Mine was.
I will be.
You should be too.
It breeds intelligence.
(Or at the very least it breeds thinkers.)

Adam mentioned (there is a lot of Adam in this post. I hope you don't mind, dear) in one of his first blog entries that he had been writing since he was a small boy of 6.
(On the computer, no less. I have a new-found sense of admiration for you, Adam. All that I knew was on the computer when I was 6 was ... oh, poo. Silly programs that ran on Windows '95, like Magic School Bus and The Island of Doctor Brain.)

ANYWAY: This made me chuckle.
Of course Adam would have been writing when he was 6!
(A Pokemon fanfic would not have been my first guess, though why not I have no idea. DOI.)
It made me think; I've been writing about that long as well, and I just realized!
My mum (when I was younger) would help me translate all my stories to go with my pictures.
(I never did anything half-way. There were always pictures to go with the stories.)
Now, those of you who know me know that drawing is not one of my strong points.
This was a constant frustration because I so wanted to be good at drawing like my brother was!
His stories always had such lovely pictures to go with them.
Detailed and, come to think of it, the pictures were most of the story.
I was the opposite and I wanted to be like him.
(This has become way more introverted than I had planned. See what happens when you put a blank page in front of me? Sha-banga–OOPS. Bahaha.)
Someday maybe I'll make a video and show you all "Flower the Penguin" and her exciting little life.
Either way, I'm fine being me, by now.
(Though he still has more drawing skill than I when it comes to such endeavors.)

The time is now 8.28 a.m.
(When you read that, please read it like a robotic alarm clock and do so out loud. You won't regret it, it is SO fulfilling.)
I'm off to learn how to be a proper Apple concierge, now.
9-6 is a very long day.
Both today and tomorrow will be like this.
I'm really not a morning person.


Guess who came back?
OMG, no wai!1!! me?!
Yeah, it's half 12 now.
We're breaking for lunch and I am not going to go scrounging around out in the wilderness that is the city when I'm not even hungry as it is so I'm not eating.
For those of you who constantly nag me about my eating habits: YES, I ate breakfast.
And for those of you who aren't used to my eating habits: I usually eat breakfast and have a couple snacks throughout the day. (i.e. fruit, crackers, Capn' Crunch, cheese, toast with jam, granola bar, etc.)
I'm not dying.
I'm not usually hungry.
I don't usually eat.
Why am I telling you this?
You don't care.
And I don't care what you think of my eating habits.
In case you later feel like hating and/or nagging:
I'm obviously not anorexic, a food hater or overly obese.

I have two observations to share, now.
One: hotel bathrooms are always eerily quiet. And when there is a noise it echos profusely.
Two: city hotel(/airport) parking garages are always eerily quiet. And when there is a noise it doesn't seem to go anywhere.
I say city parking garages because most city parking garages are underneath their respective mass of building and thus, no echo.
OOO, there's a bit of science for you: in the ground, under cement buildings surrounded by cement and dirt, there is no echo.
(Which is actually a lie because doors kind of sort of echo when slammed.
But that takes immense six-year-old "mommy, listen to this!" little boy strength to accomplish.)
(Actually, that's sort of a lie as well. It's really just more of a dull echo. It feels like it goes no where and just sort of falls in the air taking up space but never moving forward.)

You know, sitting here in my car in the parking garage after all sorts of "what people see first when they walk into a place" talk, kind of makes me wonder why more companies/hotels don't put more effort into their parking garages.
Sure, when you walk INTO the building you get a certain welcome.
(The one they hope you'll remember.)
But what about poshifying parking garages?
A little Garage Decor never hurt anyone, am I right?
They could get calming colour schemes of blues and greens.
Put in drinking fountains.
Soft easy chairs?
Leather couches?
A Wii and gaming area?
Maybe not all that, but at least colour schemes and maybe some curtains tucked off to the side of some discretely placed HD television screens that portray a 3D outside/window simulation.
That would be cool.
You know that would be cool.
TLC should get on that.
New reality "flip" show, anyone?

One more note on hotel bathrooms: I'm always relieved (no pun intended) to find that they're almost always empty.
Which is sometimes creepy.
But usually just nice.
I mean how awkward does it get sitting in a stall and having someone else come in at the same time as you and then peeing simultaneously?
Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about, I know you do.
(I have a confession, I actually had this thought when I was IN the bathroom and told myself: "Okay, now promise me you won't use that pun because it was unintended when you thought it but it won't be when you type it." And then proceeded to use it anyway. Oh, me.)

There's a guy (whose name I can't spell, sorry, "guy") here who has a shirt that says this: "Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Pwn Age."
It has the typical picture 'til you get to the "Pwn Age"!
Then it's a Halo dood.
It made me excited.
I want one.

Speaking of clothing; it kind of weirds me out when guys have smaller thighs than I do.
I've actually met/know quite a few.
It's mainly because fat doesn't accumulate in quite the same fashion in the thigh area on men as it does women. Still, it kind of weirds me out.


I start at Apple on Tuesday.
I'm a concierge (did I already say so? I forget.)
Either way that's what I am.
I welcome, greet and do all the littleeeee things to help customers.
It's gonna be so brill.
I work for Apple.
: D

I was on the way home and turned on the radio for the last bit and there were 5 golden songs on in a row.
How often does that happen?
Two, much less five?!
Here they are: "I Want You To Want Me," "How To Save A Life," "I Like The Nightlife Baby," "Come On Get Higher" and that one that goes "I do it all/it's all for love, love, love..." but I can't figure out what it's called or who it's by for the life of me.
(If you know, tell me?)
"Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson is my new addiction.

xxx mal


Justin said...

I love reading your blogs. They fill me with happy every time I read them.

Its funny that you use british slang instead of north american slang xD


Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...


Just pretend everything i said is also commented here.



Drew C. Rich said...

I kinda love you a little bit. Plus a lotta bit. :]

JacobDyerMedia said...

I'm Jake Dyer, and I like woodlice. A lot. I also like Mallory. A lot.