27 August, 2008

i need to trim my fringe

so i'm falling asleep as i write this.
(could you tell?)

i'm curious to see if europe next summer is still going to work out.

i'm still saving toward it!
but we'll see how settled in
at apple i am by then.

and if i could really get the 3 weeks off i'd need.

might warrant me working tonsss over
the summer.
and going the following summer.
after school is over.

i hope next summer works.

xxx mal


Drew C. Rich said...

The problem with sleeping it away, is that it only lasts as long as you're sleeping. It always manages to find its way back.

If the only thing that will make your heart stop hurting is getting to Europe, then go. Just go. Screw the consequences, screw what people say/think. You're young, and you have plenty of time to make mistakes.

So make them.


Justin said...

Going to europe would be amazing. I wish my parents would let me do anything on my own :(. I hope you get to go to europe sometime mal <3

wondrousplace said...

Wow, it's like you are reading into my head.
These are my exact thoughts every night.
Not just every night, but every spare moment.
le sigh.
I wish I was rebellious enough to steal a credit card and just leave right now.

It will all get better in time sweetie <3 ^_^

Drew C. Rich said...

Did you change this? It looks changed.

Not allowed, Mallory, not allowed xP

KickThePJ said...

im still confused as to if you're travelling all around europe of just the UK. xxxxx