29 August, 2008

Ohhh, I found something!

of human nature there is much to know and little I do. so many things make up what we are, who we are, how does any one person begin to understand all of these driving forces? there must be no one who does. oh, but someone must! I wish I did. in all the world, in all of people, how many are like one another? none. each and every one is a whole entire person separate and fully intricate. if only I could write about one as to so fully capture them on the page... alas, but that is impossible! the complications abound. I am always awestruck with the possibilities but aghast at the magnitude of the dilemma. it would take a full life only to write down and that is not even to understand all the information acknowledged.

So that was randomly found amoung course notes from the 8th of February of last year. Haha.
I (apparently) was done with it before I should have been because I could have added SO much more. (And honestly you and I both know I should have written more.) BUT OH WELL.
I also was very much feeling like Emily Dickinson. (Is that apparent, or no? Cuz I'm thinking it is.)

xxx mal


Drew C. Rich said...

Sometimes you write how I wish I could write.

Michael Midnight said...

Wow Mallory that is both profound and deep. Even as an individual it's hard to know yourself let alone another person but I look at as making friends. With friends, as with ourselves, we can't know everything but learn a little something and the longer we know them (and ourselves) the better we can understand them.

Justin said...

Deep deep thoughts mallory. I wish we could understand everyone like we understand ourselves, even though we don't even understand ourselves most of the time.