21 August, 2008

People collector?

I made my blog look pretty.
What do y'all think?
(I actually don't care too much, sorry to make it sound like I do. What a jerk I am. OH WELL.)

Also, I have 40 links in the sidebar.
I'm pretty sure I have everyone. Well, close, anyway. I know I'm missing some people. But 40 is a bunch'a'lot!
Still, I'm avidly "collecting" as it were.
Hmm, I wonder if people will get offended if they find out they're being "collected."

I feel like a little black book.

In the spirit of Adam, a little MSN fun:

Mallory 12:45:31 PM
davey, give me a random word.
first word that pops into your head.
Dave 12:46:14 PM
Mallory 12:46:30 PM
wow, sounds like someone did a bit too much walking and not enough eating today. XD
Dave 12:47:13 PM
im hungry
Mallory 12:47:30 PM
what happened to the prospect of fish and chips?
Dave 12:50:04 PM
hey man
Mallory 12:50:18 PM
Dave 12:50:44 PM
its me
Mallory 12:50:51 PM
Dave 12:50:53 PM
davey doesn't want me on his msn#
y da hell
Mallory 12:51:03 PM
Dave 12:51:10 PM
tried to hit the off button when i opened it#
Mallory 12:51:22 PM
Dave 12:51:32 PM
his laptop is nice
big one
and at times...it says FUCK YOU outloud
in arnold swa....r.....s....neg...er....#'s voice#
i can't type on this keyboard
its so different
Mallory 12:52:45 PM
Dave 12:52:57 PM
Mallory 12:53:36 PM
maybe davey brainwashed it so it just won't type for you.
or anyone but him.
Dave 12:54:44 PM
its me
Mallory 12:55:02 PM
you're retarded.
i hate you.

Then he logged off to go eat his precious chips.

Either way, I suppose I got pwned.

I downloaded an ebook last night (here) all about blogging/making your blog look posh and chic. (I was inspired at 1 a.m. to do this re-vamp but got distracted, basically.) It was filled with all the basic graphic/web design stuff that I discovered/have had a good understanding of since I was 12. (Oh dear, I sound so pompous!) Very good and I highly recommend for anyone new to web/graphic design. It covers all the basics of flow, colouring, theming, etc. Awesome.

Tomorrow more windows in our house are getting changed out. After Saturday we'll be able to leave all our windows all the way open, if we so desire, with no fear of our fuzzy-little-kittens leaping away to re-enact "The Incredible Journey."

I woke up with a tummy and head-ache today so I didn't go in to work. I called Jenapher and told her that my head and tummy was achey and that I "prolly just needed to sleep it off" and I'd be better tomorrow and see her then. I'm wondering if now she's going to think I was hung-over. Oops. I probably could have been more selective in my word choices.

My life is back on track, officially, because last night I got a new day-planner. It has fun, little, green elephants on it. Makes me smile.

Tonight we're actually having bible study. (Haven't for the past 3 weeks.) I'm sad 'cause now I don't think I'll be able to finish it. It's now going to awkwardly jet into the school year and I have a class on Thursdays at 6-8 p.m. Bummer.

xxx mal


Justin said...

Random conversations that make me lol are ftw. I wish I had computer access at work :(


Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

omigosh! i love it sis!!!! so much nicer to look at than the old one.

hilarious chat log.

I highly doubt Jenapher thought you were hung over. You don't exactly come off as the drinking type.

You and your day planners. You're lost w/o them :)