20 August, 2008

180% nonsense 8 days a week 27 hours a day!

I think I just broke my blogging record.
This is from today.
*Note: 180% is non-coherent or relevant to life.

I was too chicken to answer the phone just now. I guess it comes in spurts.

Woah, I just discovered a way cool book:
“Viking Patterns for Knitting." Doesn't that sound awesome? I'm ordering
it from the library right now. Maybe I'll get inspired by their
classically viking-looking photographs to knit a cool vikingly patterned
baret for Lexi.

There is basically nothing going on.

Office phone-talk is so amusing to me, I've fallen into it in my time of
being in an office as well, but I still find it endlessly amusing.

Person 1: "Hi, soandso, it's soandso!"
Person 2: "Hi, soand so."
Person 1: "How are things?"
Person 2: "Good, how about you?"
Person 1: "I'm doing well, listen I was just wondering . . ."

It's like, the ultimate form of small-talk. Almost as if a smile in the
voice isn't enough to start the conversation off on a good foot and ya
gotta throw in some "happy talk" before you delve for what you want.

The other person already knows you want something. I mean, it's obvious.
You're in an office setting, what else would you be calling about?

At the same time if there were no "smiley-office-happy-small-talk" then
phone calls would sound super rude.

Person 1: "Hi, soandso, can you help me/I have/you give me ___?"
Person 2: "Yep/nope/later."

Just sounds bland, un-friendly and rude. So, even though it comes in a
box, your choice of 3 exclusive colours, cheers to the office small-talk.

The A/C is on, I think, because the temperature of the office keeps
shifting. It's warm, spurt, cool, spurt, warm, spurt, cool. What a vicious

Paulene and the lady I can't remember her name (but she's very nice and I
sat next to/spoke with her on the first day about the "golden days" and
how lucky I was not to have hot flashes because I'm young) are going for a
walk. The sun is out a bit at the moment, I hope they enjoy themselves.

If I keep doing this, every day, my blog entries are going to explode
exponentially both in length and with boring.

Forwarded an email, that was exciting.

I don't think I'll ever log straight on to Blogger to do these, though,
because at the end of the day there will always (somehow I'm sure) be more
to say and I really don't want to spam up my blog with more than one post
in a day. Besides, always gotta have a photo, so that mandates the upload
to be later.

I just noticed that the Tacky Finger sitting in front of me on the desk is
"Iproved! Anti-Bac!" Woah, isn't that just high-tech? Oh, it is. I read
further: "The Superior Fingertip Moistener."

I just Tacky Fingered my finger and wiped it off on the faux leather on
the keyboard because it felt weird. Hopefully this is the sort of Tacky
Finger that is "Improved! Evaporates within 3 minutes!" amoung other
things, evaporation would be a handy feature.

We're currently on a song called "So It May Secretly Begin" by Pat
Metheny. It's all instrumental and really quite nice. I feel like I'm
refining my palette with all this jazz for hours a day, now. I'm so
cultured. (Not.) Jazz musicians have such smooth and silky voices, they're
really lovely.

NPR seems to think that because Denver is hosting the Democratic National
Convention again and Bush is a Republican nearing the end of his term "as
President Roosevelt was when Denver hosted the last Democratic National
Convention" that it means something good for the Democrats. (Specifically
Obama.) They're being rediculous and drawing all sorts of silly parallels.
(http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93752013) I'm

This is really quite a laid back and generally low-maintainence job.
Answer phones, answer questions, answer emails, forward calls, forward
emails, listen to the radio station as it goes, follow along on the
JazzLogs (I get to see everything on the inside of the station, isn't that
cool? I think it is, anyway) and just generally keep up on NPR.com and
read news articles while I wait for more calls and emails.

The only downside is that it's a PR job, so angry people sometimes call.
OH WELL, I'm used to it at the newspaper.

I smell hairspray. I think it's Jenapher's spaghetti but it sure smells
more like Bumble and Bumble than anything edible.

I feel guilty. There's nothing going on so I'm side-texting and also
writing a letter to Adam. (This is a warning, Adam, that letter is gonna
be off-the-hook/heezy crazy. <3)

Oh! Clever CD title just spotted: "R+B=Ruth Brown". Erm, lie. Not so clever, really.

Issac Hayes just died and in a DJ update from Giant Step they payed their respects. This was part of it, "We love you Issac!" Ow, my grammar hurt.

It's 1.

We're now building missile defense bases in Poland and Russia is mad at us. Well, Russia always is mad at us/hates us, what else is new?

They talked about the plane crash in Madrid, just now. I feel ahead of the world and it's all because of YouTube. Knowing people/reading online newspapers all over the world is seriously a plus.

"One Nation Under Stress and In Debt." Most awesome headline ever. It was just on the radio as a spot, I think it's a book, but I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention. Only enough to catch that.

The program we use for all the member records is set up like Sim Ant. (The one from 1995.) It's funny to me to think that in '95 computers were still so super new. Wow. Completely taking this in a different direction than I could: I want to have an old enough PC to play Sim Ant, now. The old and good version. Sim City will do, too. The "2000"/"3000" versions of Sim City are poo, though. They were the original Sims. Before all this "Sims" nonsense and "Roller Coaster"/"Zoo Tycoon"s. We sure have advanced! YAY, US.

(I think I've gone crazy. My brain hurts. Too much sleep. 0-10.) That's 5 too many hours of sleep for my system.

Here's a random question for you: do you say "mom" or "mum"? I was raised on "mum". But no, I'm not English. Just wanted to throw that out there. You don't have to be English to call your mum, "mum" but I'm curious. So if you feel like it, (and if you've actually bothered to read this far,) leave me a comment and let me know?

Being in a radio station makes me think of the good ol' days on PBS when "We're made possible by viewers like you!" would come on and the guy would be walking and talking as attentive phone operators buzzed about their phone-call answering behind him. So 90s, so familiar. That's what the station feels like because that's sort of what we do. Wow, weird. Jazz is so classic radio. 40s radio. Good radio. Someone mentioned to me today how they had gone to an old-time radio show a few years back. The performers had picked a classic radio show and put it on good and proper like they would have when they originally put it on. Sound guys off to the side and everything. It sounded lovely, to me. Then again, so does living in the 40s. 30s-50s, the golden age in Hollywood. How cool would it have been to see? So, so, so very cool.

I just checked the word count on this, and it's 1,241 (plus 12, now.) That's 2 small sized articles and one hugeeee front page one. (Like how my brain still thinks in, "How many words is this? OH! Wow, that's xxx of an article." Haha. Always and forever cursed(/blessed?), I think.)

Things are so slow. I kind can't wait for the alleged hype and crazy that are the Fall and Spring donor drives. Phones ringing off the hook could be fun. (I say "could be" because it could also get really old, really fast.) Luckily they're only week-long drives.

Random note: Cade's text speak/emoticons make me smile. Constantly. Non-stop. Cade, I love you. <4

Oh, gosh. This guy called Liu Ming has now gotten head-to-feet tattoos about the Beijing Olympics. Just so his children and grandchildren are "sure to remember the Beijing Olympics."

OH DEAR! Another guy, Wei Shengchu, put 205 needles in his head. Each one has a tiny national flag on it. (From all participating nations, apparently.) He's an acupuncturist. This is still too weird. (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93794180) Here's a quote from Ming, as appears in the article:

“Not only will I remember this event for the rest of my life, but so will my son and grandson, because I can't change my face now. It's not like other people who paint it on and then wipe it off after the Olympics.” Liu Ming

O.O I gotta hand it to them, the Chinese really go all-out when it comes to Nationalism.

Work is crazy.
Have you read this far?
Have a cookie.
And my random photo of the day:

Kimmi is cute.
After all that, I have nothing else to say but that worship practice was awesome, as always.
My brain is really nonsense 27/8 but sometimes I find it amusing. Hopefully you do too.

xxx mal


Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

Wow. That was super long. But I loved it! I really enjoy reading your crazy/awesome thoughts :]

I'll leave a better/more detailed comment when I have time. Promise.

<3 you sis.

Justin said...

zomg i gets a cookie xD. I'm glad you're having a wonderful time at you're new job. I always love going to work, actually make that sometimes.

I've always called my mother "mom". Thats how we were raised.

ily <3

alwaystextback said...

*stealing your new catch phrase 27/8*

Just kidding :)

Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort said...

Haha, sufficiently random.=]

I call my mother Mom (or Mutti), but I guess I was raised with "Mama" at the start!=D