13 September, 2008


the new iPod Nano makes me squee with glee.
(the shake'n'shuffle is my favourite.)
I really enjoy Tweeting.
Charlie's blogs make me grin.
I'm getting annoyed with Skype.
I need to clean off my lappy yet again.
tomorrow I work 9-9.
(it's going to be a long day.)
my smiley ring's smile is chipping off.
mummy found my Yoda watch.
I need to re-dye my hair.
I'm fighting with my face over unruly breakouts.
school is kinda crazy.
Andrew's visiting me at work tomorrow over my lunch break.
(the goose has never been in an Apple store. blasphemy, I know.)
I bought "Looking for Alaska" finally.
I hate Bella.
my room still needs to be tidied.
I'm reading more books than I need to be, at this time.
(in most cases re-reading. I intend to finish them all.)
I haven't been remembering my dreams lately.
I should be sleeping right now.
goodnight, world.

Mallory, please remember to:
-re-do your bio on Terra
-move all new movies/photobooth to external HD
-delete unnecessary photos from iPhoto/Aperture
-bring the spare keys for Asian to give to Sara
-re-sync your iPod


SincerelyKimmi said...

srsly mal, du dat stuffs.
I WILL come and visit one of these days and "Shake'n shuffle" me all the nanos in the store.
Don't worry I won't steal your copy of Looking for Alaska yet.

Mallory said...

I need to.
hey, thanks for commenting, love!


Justin said...

Why is skype annoying you mal?

I've never been to an apple store either, so when I come to the next NW gathering you can show me around XD ^^*

Du all dat stuff, and du 1 moar thing, Starting buying the harry potter series :P

Charlesburg said...

Is skype annoying you because you don't like it anymore, or because it isn't working? Cuz I don't see you on there anymore and it makes me sad :( But then you said that you like my blogs so :)

Mallory said...

Skype is annoying me because I'm never on when most people are, anymore. ):
Most days I'm at school 8-8 and at 8 p.m. my time no normal have-to-go-to-schoolers/British-lovelies are on then.
It's really emo.

Justin: I willll show you around MY Apple store, thank you. And no HP . . . lol. At least not now. <3

Charlie: Your blogs DO make me smile and grin. Epically. n_n

Justin said...

YAY I get a tour of an apple store ^_^.

If you started buying harray pottah, you could perhaps beat cade and I reading to miss kimmi. <33

zacharyxbinks said...

Effing hate Bella so effing much.