15 September, 2008

hello, autumn.

sitting here in the warm midday sun with the cool autumn breeze whisping my hair is the best feeling in the world.
I feel warm.
I feel safe.
I feel free.
I feel creative.
I feel Mallory.
ahhh, at long last, welcome back my dear muse,
my most welcomed inspiration,
my good friend.


Justin said...

Muse is my best friend too <3. What is your favorite song ^_^?

It is clearly autumn now. Most of the tree's outside my house have some yellow leaves while others are completely covered in yellow leaves. Its nice ^-^

Alex"Westside Productionz" said...

i like autumn :)
i feel it too!

Michael Midnight said...

I saw a leaf descend from a tree that turned from green to yellow, and stared sadly at it. As the Autumn winds blew by, the brown and flaking leaf whispered, "do not be sad, this is a journey we all must take. From the Earth we came and to the Earth we will return." I cried "but I do not want to change" but the winds blew the leaf away and did not hear me. As I was about to leave, a green leaf sapling on the tree spoke, "do not be sad, for the cycle continues and from the Earth we will spring again and continue round and round. What matters most are the people we meet and befriend. For today you met a soul before her passing and another soul that just arrived. And forever we three will be bound together." The little leaf sapling spoke no more, and I left walking a distance with a small smile.

feellinecancer said...

This was posted at 11:11, that's so lovely.
This is lovely.
You are lovely.
= )

Mallory said...

I didn't even edit that... that was just the lovely irony of the situation. Oh, Viv, you're wondrous. <3

peaceofashley said...

whoa it was posted at 11:11 and its about fall the best season ever. thats lovely!