05 September, 2008


"take a stroll with me," said the stardust to the moon,
"we'll talk and see and touch and taste what may be over soon.

when then the sun has gone to bed and the sky remains alone,
that's when I'll take you to the beach and we'll each find a soft sandstone.

on those stones of sand we'll etch – our names – and take them each in hand,
then with a wish a kiss a swish we'll throw them off the land.

and though the sea will eat them whole and gently they will sink,
our love will be remembered more permanent than ink."

05.09.08, mss.


Drew C. Rich said...

Beautiful. I love the flow of it. "a wish a kiss a swish..." that's just great. :)

love you sis.

Michael Midnight said...

That's a good poem. I can hear waves crash now and it's leaving me a bit melancholic.

Justin said...

That poem was very fitting on a night like tonight. Nice and clear and cool. <3