07 September, 2008

so, tomorrow...

I start back up at school.
I'm a bit nervous.
A public speaking, ethics and journ class on the menu for sure... we'll see how this goes.
Public speaking at 8 a.m.?

Sometimes I wonder how well Stacy, Clinton and I would get along...
Other times I don't care.
I love Stacy and Clinton, but I love the way I dress a whole lot more.

I hate the way Blogger messes up my images.
Cruel, cruel world.
(Flash back to another blog? I think so... not sure.)

See you tomorrow, maybe.

xxx mal


Drew C. Rich said...

That dress is gorgeous ;)

So iz you!

You'll have a great day at school for sure...ethics should be really fun.

Hearts :)

Justin said...

That dress looks amazing on you mallory ^_^.

Good luck at school tomorrow, I should be reading chapter 1 of management right now(for tuesday) but I'm too lazy >_<

KickThePJ said...


LCSsings said...

aww that is seriously the cutest dress! <3

have a lovely first week :]

feellinecancer said...

and you = )
you look stunna.