24 December, 2008

happy christmas to me!

i'm in another stage of "no-caps."
it's just one of those things.

wow, i am sitting here in disbelief that it is christmas tomorrow. i don't know how i'm going to contain myself for that long. i'm so excited for my family and friends to open all their gifts! i still have so much to do, though. so many things to make and complete. the point really is that i'm super-duper-dee esighted. i especially can't wait for my mum to open her gift. she thinks it's an x-box (not really, she thought it was an empty box and i misheard her. xbox is more amusing, though, so i stick with that.)

work has been so intense the last five days! everyone was running from the snow into the mall the nights we had the huge snow storms, it was ridiculous! we closed early the first two days, however. first at five and then at seven – whew!

i don't think i will ever understand or be okay with the way this country acts around christmastime. is it really all about the gifts? not at all. i just couldn't understand how everyone was at the mall, risking being able to make it home that night to see their families due to the weather, just to buy crap. because that's all it is, useless junk.

i have been so abundantly blessed by God this year, i don't even no where to begin thanking Him. and i've been trying, believe me. (and after i photoshoot him i'll tell you all about one of my favourite blessings to date: demitri, my best.)

tomorrow is going to be busybusybusy! i have a lot to finish in way of gifts and i have a lot of clips to film in the early morning. (so as to get them in semi-on time.) then i'll possibly be going to paul and lindsey's house and then home to go to christmas eve service with my lovely family. as far as the after party goes . . . we'll see. i'm awfully tired this week, work has worn me plum out.

i love you all, and if i don't speak with you before the time comes: have a very happy christmas!

xxx mal

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Michelle said...

Merry Christmas Mal!