29 December, 2008


my talented friend Brittany made me up last night for a sample photograph for her website. she just recently started freelancing makeup for photoshoots/weddings/events. you should all go check out her site, she's fantastic and it's always fun to work with her. <3
  1. get my website/photography business up and running full force
  2. not spend any frivolous money (it's a saving year)
  3. get my finances in order
  4. end the huge purge of my room with severity
  5. get serious about working with a minor/major newspaper/magazine
  6. endure school
extra/possible for 2009:
  1. get my mum on youtube
  2. print a book of my poetry
now, these lists are subject to be added onto, but i plan to stick to them and get them done. (minus the school part. i hate school so much i feel as though i might not make it! unfortunately, i know i will and must.)

2009 is going to be an interesting/busy/hxc/fun year and most of my plans still remain in my head, but you all shall see as they come to pass.

i need to go get ready for work, now, and continue planning the plans of my restless heart. i've been in quite the restless mood as of late and it's making me mental, but i shall persevere.

xx mal


BethOnTop said...

wow.. you really do look stunning in those pictures.
2009 is the year that you are coming hererererere :) xx

ZoeMoi said...

wow that is just so freakishly awesome, I'm lost for words..

Drew C. Rich said...

Oh my freaking goodness. Sister, you are stunningly beautiful.

I miss you. My life is crazy right now. I promise I'll be better at life next year.

may said...

um, i think you look a lot prettier without makeup. but that is really cool. :D

those are some good goals for the new year.