06 December, 2008

Vision Banquet, 2008

Hair and dress. <3

And now, for a night in review:

Kimmi, Molly and Lee.

Lexi and I.

Grace and I.


There were so many lovely people! The Vision Banquet is awesome and fun not only because it's basically our whole church together to talk about our plans for the next year (which are always SO exciting!) but also it's an excuse for everyone to get posh! The girls (as well as I) love that part. All the decorations are sparkly and elaborate, too. It's fantastic.

The only trouble was before we left I was hit with some news that made my heart ache and noises seem very loud, intrusive and out of place. It kind of set the mood for the rest of the night to be semi wonked-out. Adam, I love you. <3

I was going to wear my new dress (the one I bought specifically for last night) but Molly called Kimmi and she had her on speaker phone and at the time she was very distraught due to the fact that her dress was a brown, full-length bride's maid's dress. The poor girl thought she was overly formal and didn't want to be the only one. Long story short(er) they talked me into wearing my pink dress from last year. As far as my hair goes, you can see I didn't get it quite as high as the woman in the photograph, but I still managed to get it to be quite large and poofy (though the images don't show it completely.) Little to say, I was proud.

More of the presents I ordered for my family came in the post yesterday. I was so excited. Also, I've made tremendous progress on my room. I have most of a floor, again and I need to have Lexi 'round as soon as possible to test it out.

I'm off to get on some warmer pants, a jacket and eat breakfast over some "Charlie and Lola." Tree was so good to humour me last night and watch some with me. Oh, how I love that show.

I am bound to make more head-way on my room today as well.

xxx mal


sammeh_meow said...

you look so pretty! [:

Courtney said...

Grace looks so big. . .

I miss them.