05 December, 2008

Charlie and Lola

My camera is charging for this evening. Photobooth works in a pinch.

Do you see that? Seasons one-eight of "Charlie and Lola". I am completely excited! I loveeee this show so very much. I bought it for myself as a Christmas present. How joyous.

At the moment I am planning my outfit, hair and make-up for this evening. It's a long story of how I am going (not that you were privy to the circumstances which almost kept me from going) but Tree is much too sweet to me and I am going to the Banquet after all, now.

Either way, the end goal for hair is something like this:
I plan to put the rest up too, I think. I'm not sure. Maybe I'll curl the down part like it is in this photo . . . we'll see. I'm also curling Kimmi's hair as well as helping Becca with her hair and make-up, too. I love being a big sister.

That's not what my hair looks like, however. At the moment I'm being attacked by my
I "thickening" and "volumizer" sprayed it and then blew dried it upside down = POOF! Here, let me show you:

So it started out alright, not too bad. Then I got overwhelmed, learned to deal with it, posed, tamed and got attacked. The last photo was while I was walking back into my room. My phone decided to click the camera button, you can see just how willful this pile of hair on my head truly is.

I will get it to cooperate, though. Promise you that.
I'm going to go plan out how to dress and make-up myself, now. Then I'll tackle actually making all my plans a reality.

Now the question is: to paint the nails or not to paint the nails?

xx mal

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