22 April, 2009

there is a lesson to be learned in absolutely everything

i will now finish this off with some school related nonsense, to ruin the mood and such, as you do.

this is the list of coursework i have left to complete (in the next seventeen weekdays left in the semester):

ART: project pt. 2, exam 2, final exam
ANTH: group paper, group presentation, final exam, blog 10, blog 11, blog 12, blog 13, blog 14
COMA 304: essay, test 3, test 4, test 5, final exam
KEYSTONE: soac paper, speech
PREINTERN: soac paper, speech, job shadow, informational interview
COPYEDIT: web project, layout, quiz 2

as you can see my com 304 professor is a slacker, haha. i'm dreading and semi-dying. i would very much like to escape to somewhere away, but as i cannot i plan to just put my head down and grind through it. Lord, grant me strength!


i miss the recent 70 degree weather we've had recently. all the seattle sunshine was a welcome blessing. 

xx m

p.s. happy earth day. (:


thatzak said...

those pictures with D are amazing! and I'm glad that you're really happy with him =)

Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort said...

This post and these photos just make me smile=]

Mallory said...

hey, thanks, you guys! (: