21 May, 2009

poems from february

04 february, 2009
what did you say?
where do you stay?
flowers in
all fun and play.

04 february, 2009
shiny lips,
social quips
never do me right;
ruffled sheets
and limousines
fall into my sight.
hold me
close and
let me stay,
'twined around your
where you start
and where i 
what a grand unknown;
ruffled sheets,
abandoned clothes,
scattered on the


new stuff, hope you like! it's going straight into my book of poetry that is coming along quite nicely, if i do say so myself, with eighteen (including these two) poems in it so far. i am very excited. as soon as i have 25 poems and get some art whipped up for them i will be looking into getting it published to sell, are you guys still interested?

also, i'll be putting up photographs for single sale soon. (:

school is over in an hour and fifteen, it's great to be back, i've missed you all!


Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort said...

I like the first one especially. LOL, my poem compared to yours is quite silly.=P

Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort said...

Ja sicher I'll grade you! Though don't expect me to be that much better than you... I still have to reach my goal of being able to speak it fluently.=]

Schönen Tag noch!xxxx

Anonymous said...

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