25 December, 2006

Christmas day

As you can see, I'm a little eager/bored today, (hence the blogging) and I'm pretty sure I have nothing better to do. (I'm beginning to hate MySpace, ha!)

Right now "A Christmas Story" is on T.V., and I'm pretty sure it's one of the funniest Christmas movies you could ever see. (I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but it deff has a buncha classic pranks/thoughts etc. in it... hahaha.)

Well, I suppose I need to talk about today. Or something. Ha. It was great, just seemed like any other day though. Hmmm, strange eh? Is this just growing up? Or is it just me? Mleah, I have no earthly idea. But back to the important stuff, ;]

My mum and I got Kimmy the first two seasons of "Invader Zim," just some friendly Irken invader love for my little 'Invader Kim.' I suppose everyone else was well pleased with everything they got. I know I was very excited =] I got the Beatles' new CD "LOVE" from my Uncle, it's amazing! Gahhh. (Go check it out: www.thebeatles.com.)

Tonight is going to be exciting, mum, Becca, and I are off to see "The Holiday" again at the last showing of the evening, I'm very happy. =]

But right now, I would love to pass on some friendly advice on the subject of food. Do not eat a whole bunch of bread dough on an empty stomach.

My mum made rolls, and well, I just love eating bread dough! It just so happens that I'm a little bit empty in the tummy at the moment. So, since the dough hadn't had it's second rising yet, I can now feel all the yeast burping down in my very own tummy. Ha! Now, if that isn't a mental picture I don't know what is! ;] (Of course I'm glad that I ate it, it's always worth eating bread dough in the end!)

I'm off to steal just a bit more dough before the rolls go into the oven, (making sure to cover up the pinch marks in the un-baked rolls before someone notices them of course. ;])

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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