02 February, 2007

"Where do you go when you're lonely?"

Tim McGraw, and one of the most amazing country songs you will ever hear.

I have to say that this blogging every day thing is already starting to wear on me, (pathetic, I know.) But honestly, I had about a million things to say on the way home tonight, and now they're all gone. Though I have a friend who just reminded me of a subject close to my heart as of late, when everything's wrong and nothing is right. Oh my, between a rock and a hard spot.

It's a funny feeling, to feel like your world is crashing down around you. We all experience it, if not earlier, always later in our lives, there will always be one time, of that I am sure. (If not many...)

"Dancing with a marionette, are you happy now?"

You know, it's really a sad song. All about losing his wife, it's so precious, I love it.

Did you know that when our "worlds are crashing in" they're really not? It's really not the end of the world? It's a weird concept, and I'm always having to remind myself of that when I'm in a situation that feels like that, it's annoying.

I'm just glad that I get to learn as I go, and learn from the people around me. Life is an adventure, and I sure don't plan on sitting out on any of it, 'specially if it means a trip to Neverland.

"Where do you go when you're lonely, I'll follow you. When the stars go blue."

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Rachel said...

i forget when i'm reading your posts that you're writing just for me... kinda weird. Good luck on the one post a day for a month. If it gets tiresome then just stop because no one wants to read a post from someone who doesnt want to write one... I love you mallory... I guess we'll have to reschedule our date! gur... I really wanted to talk to you. I realize that I know nothing about the real you and who you really are. and yet i consider me your friend. I want to know you mallory, because i love you (and i have a sneaking feeling that we both have been through similar situations in our lives and it would be great to talk with someone who knows what I'm talking about)
I LOVE YOU! Happy February!