13 February, 2008

Valentine's Day Fairy?

So, I came into the office (reluctantly because I found out I had left my interview tapes at home, interviews still on them, and thus rendering all my free time for the day useless) and found that. A shiny Hershey's "Pot of Gold" box. We at the paper don't have a Valentine's Day Fairy. Or at least, I didn't think we did. Now I do. His name is most certainly MP and I think he (if seen) would bear a striking resemblance to my journalism adviser. (We love you, MP. ;])

In other news, there really isn't very much going on. Other than the fact I left all my interview tapes at home I am pretty much useless now.

So, since I am in this wonderful state of nothingness, I thought it was high time to formally introduce the most wonderfullest band of the moment to all of you!:
Tokio Hotel

I am quite surprised at myself for not introducing them to you all (my wonderful readers) before. I figure now is a good time to do so, however, since they are finally touring in the US and Canada! (Montreal and Toronto are all done, Hollywood is the 15th and they also have shows in Sacramento and NY though the dates on those slip my mind for some reason at the moment.)

Anyway, you can find links to their wonderful US-site on the side as well as my favourite song of theirs. Go check them out, I'm sure you'll like them. Even though they do sing in German. ;] (I'll post the English and German versions, just for you, though. <3)

I re-vamped my blog's page (the Valentine's theme not intended) I hope you like it, I do. It's much more energy efficient as well. I'm told the darker the screen the less lighting power is output while the screen is up. I'm not sure about that, but it sounded good enough, so I'll go with that for now.

Leave me comments and let me know you're still out there?

Ruhe und LIEBE (viel),


Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

Keep writing stuff dood!

Melissa said...

Nice to know you're still alive. Secret admirerer, hmmm?