02 March, 2008


Hello, all. It is a wonderful day and even though it is not filled with sunshine in the sky, I'm very happy and joyous on the inside.

I'm actually getting ready for church, (and will blog more later,) but just wanted to shamelessly plug my YouTube channel real quick. (Yes, I got one!) So, help me get lots of hits? I'm a total dork, really, but my sister and I will soon be starting a show so watch for that. ;]

Talk to y'all later,
Ruhe und LIEBE!



Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

It's gonna be awesome. Go see it people.

Anonymous said...

my friend and i just watched your vlog and pretty much couldn't get enough of the dancing jelly shoes. she cracked up every time and we kept rewinding it to watch it over and over. so you acted like you were leading up to some big news and then there was nothing big. it was sad. it was great to see you and your beautiful face/personality! i need to come over soon to see where you're living. how's life going?

E. Elise said...

schoen, dass Du am bisschen Deutsch schprichst.
Alles Gute,