20 March, 2008

Photography adventure!

I just got back from a really good day.
My friend Elise (www.studioelise.com) let me come over and pick her brain about photography! (Mainly wedding photography since I will be shooting my first this summer. Eeee!) Anyway, these are a bunch of my shots of the day. I thought I'd upload 'em so she could snag/enjoy them as well as all of you!

Ruby and Endre were all about being outside. I got some shots of Elise while she got some of her adorable children. They wanted to see the photos right away, of course. ;]

It was tons of fun. Thank you again, Elise! (You all might notice that I'm switching up my watermarks . . . I'm working on that . . . bear with me please. Haha.)

Talk to you all soon, frieden und viel liebe,

1 comment:

Melissa said...

These photos are great. You have such talent and creativity when it comes to photography. I love it!