11 March, 2008

I digress

I feel like you must feel like all the poor little puppies or kitties do when their owners bring home the new pet called a "baby." I've been shamefully ignoring you and I am ever so sorry.

What is my excuse, you might ask? To put it as straightforward and as simply as possible: my vlog. (You know where it is, go have a look see.) In all seriousness, however, I am going to be writing and/or "vlogging" about this dangerous technology called YouTube soon. It is just so addicting! This is me you're listening to, I know! Me, the lover of the written word to the MAX. But I still cannot tell a lie; YouTube has got me by my sweet tooth.

I do have some news that I am just not clever enough to have included in any of my YT (do you mind if I abbreviate "YouTube" like that? It's just a drag to write it out each time) vlogs: I've gotten my new camera ordered. So my smashing, entry-level digital SLR Nikon D40x should be in the mail any day. I don't know what to do with my glee! I will obviously shoot a lot of photos the instant the thing is in my hands. Photos that I can't post on YT. So, stay posted and excited for that.

At the moment I'm a little perturbed because Firefox has taken up the habit of not letting me load a url if it doesn't have a "www" in front of it. I don't know what the root of this problem is but I do not intend to get to the bottom of it. You may if you like, though. I just simply cannot be bothered at the moment. Hm, actually, sounds like if I don't have time to be bothered I shouldn't have time to complain either. Woah, ponder that one, self.

I have two photographs to share with you before I go for now, but keep checking back! (And go check out my blog and also Jimmy0010 and Amazing Phil on YT. They are seriously the coolest.)

Frieden und viel LIEBE,

P.S. Have you noticed my mistake in meaning to say "frieden" instead of "ruhe" at the end of all my posts? Yes. I just did. How amusing. xP

My foot, courtesy of Lexi's mum.

The piano at Lexi's choir concert. I just thought it was kind of spiffy.

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