31 July, 2008

Oh, deer!

deer are so sweet. i really love deer.

So, family camp was this last weekend – it was so great!
I spent most of my time with Lex just running around and generally being little kidd-ish with all the kiddos. (Basically I was in heaven.)

It was warm in the afternoons and even stayed warm in the tents at night. That was awesome!

There were these two deer that kept coming into the meadow to eat apples and clover. They let the kids get within 3 feet of them! It was crazy. People were obviously not new to them.

I've been doing not a whole lot as of late. I did get FinalCut, though. Just last week before my Mac went in to get fixed. (The casing was cracking a little on the inside.) So now I need to install and play! (I still need to install and start up with Aperture. Oh myyy.)

I have a need to finally get started on a photography series soon, here. I don't know of what yet, though. Blah.

I also love DeviantArt and spend way too much time just looking at and favouriting photos on it. (It's a sickness.) Can anyone tell me why lips are so captivating? I just loveee eyes and lips. (Fetish? Not quite. At least at the moment I choose to remain in denial. kthx.)

Oddizh or Mudkipz?



Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

I dunno. I think we (people) are drawn to eyes because we use them to emotionally connect with one another (staring into each other's eyes for example). Lips, I think we are drawn to because we use them to physically connect with one another.

Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort said...

Wow that photo is awesome!=]

Sorry for the random comment!

Justin said...

MUDKIPZ!! Traitor!!