12 August, 2008

Trixie Spike Speical

I love my sisters.

Since I posted last I got the internship at the radio station at uni, so that's awesome. I have an interview with Apple tomorrow as well. Life is going superrrr well. :]

This weekend me and the fam went and saw "Get Smart." Twice. It was high-larious. Steve Carell is so amazing. I completely am in love with him.

I've been hopping up on not only "Gilmore Girls" this past week but also catching up on my episodes of "Doctor Who." (Bout time, don't you think?)

Kimmi and I have officially jumped onto the Trock bandwagon. The Noble Sisters. That's us! We'll have more content/songs up really soon. Add us? :] (Original video, by Alex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PyV9N3fR7U) So exciting! More updates on that next time.

The podcast really will be up on SincerelySunshine.
So will a new video.

Some cool stuff in the works with Meghan, Zack and Rache. I'm SUPER stoked.

We also got a new kitten! Trixie Spike Speical (in joke, there, I didn't spell "special" wrong.) Isn't she just the bee's knees?! Only trouble is she brought home fleas. :P



Carl Weathers' Illegitimate Son said...

Best. :)

Hatticus Rex said...

In my eyes she'll always be Hattimus Prime <3 xox